Its been a bad day

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It has been a not so great weekend… there are many positives but also some negatives:

  • I have been very homesick and teary this weekend. KC decided to spend more time to make me feel better
  • Work is not very appealing right now. Sigh!!! One person can ruin all that you have worked for
  • I had planned to make a double layered cake- bake one chocolate, one vanilla- split both into 2 and have 3 layers of icing (vanilla+chocolate) plus another on top. I have been dreaming about it. The first chocolate cake broke because I did not wait for it to cool before removing it. I was in a hurry to start baking the next cake. The vanilla cake was under cooked today. Finally, I decided to go ahead with only the chocolate one. Cake was perfect. I used Pilsbury icing and it tastes like shit. The one from fresh cream was so much better. Unfortunately, I do not have fresh cream or any time left on the weekend or the energy. Sigh!!! Maybe next time
  • For some reason the gobhi tikka and paneer tikka were bad. I think it is KC’s presence that has affected the food
  • I could not find anything decent in the Globus sale. It seemed like they had collected all the shit from all stores and put it in the sale. The first time I left without buying

Now the positives:

  • Meeting KC after 2 weeks
  • Good dinner at Kobe Sizzlers. Generally, we never move out of our radius- from Thane to Chembur. But yesterday we went to Saki Naka for sizzlers. Thankfully, there was no traffic and food was good.
  • Grocery shopping at 10.30 pm- best thing about Mumbai. I had no hope that any shops will be open after 10 pm. There were no veggies at home and I was desperate. But… DMart was open and people were shopping… I had lots of company
  • Yeh Saali Zindagi… timepass movie… kinda slow and drags in parts but not a bad option

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