It sucked!!!

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My day sucked today!!! Bloody Monday… I am so tired… there is so much work… everything is going wrong.

If I hadn’t spent so much money straightening my hair I would have pulled them out right now.

I am having an overdose of ‘Delhi’ these days… Oye Lucky Lucky Oye was based in Delhi… so was Dev D… KC is in Delhi… and right now I am reading ‘Delhi’ by Khushwant Singh… Delhi only provides a background for his whoring. Are all his books like that? ‘In the company of women’ definitely is.

When I read about Delhi it sounds so fascinating… I didn’t spend too much time in Delhi in the 8 months that I was in Gurgaon… but I hate North… just the thought of corporate offices moving to Gurgaon sends shivers through my spine. Any suggestion from KC that we may have to re-locate there in a few years freaks me out… I panic… my brain goes numb.

Yesterday Khushi and me were discussing women and what they look for in men… (we don’t disucss men anymore… I don’t need to… Khushi does not have any cute/hot reason to)… I was remembering all the times men have complained; “What do women want?”… If you want to find out… spend time with your gf (a girl who is a friend and not a gf) and her friends… everything will become crystal clear.

Tube watch:

@11pm: Different strokes on Zee Cafe
@12: Sex and the City on Zee Cafe… 2 episodes back2back

On my jukebox:

  • ‘Aashiyana’
  • ‘Whatever you like’
  • ‘Rehna Tu’
  • ‘Behka’
  • ‘Saali Khushi’
  • ‘Survivor’
  • ‘Sorry’
  • ‘In my place’

4 thoughts on “It sucked!!!

  1. i read delhi by kushwant singh..
    some of it was really disgusting…havent read any other book by him..not sure whether i want to or not..though if some parts are true they gave me a different perspective of royal families and their lives….

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