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Hiya. I have been awol because it has been busy. Shifting houses is a pain. Why isn’t there a service which takes care of all details? Why can’t I hire someone to set up my wardrobe- the way it was at home or set up the whole house. Why do I have to chase executives, plumbers, carpenters for days?

Anyway, the house looks live-able finally. There are a few more things that need to be added but am in no mood right now.

I have been worried that something will go wrong at the last minute and there will be a major crisis. Which is why I have tried to not be negative.

Of course, a lot of screw ups did happen. I had finalised a 2 bhk flat in Mulund- same complex I lived in earlier. The token was paid and I was supposed to sign the agreement after a week, once I was back in the city. Normally, these things happen fast. But this time I had to follow up with the broker everyday just for the agreement. He kept telling me everything is under control and the owner is out of town and blah blah blah. I sent my stuff through movers and packers without getting the final agreement. 3 days before I was supposed to come to Mumbai, the broker informed me that the owner has changed his mind. He wants a 6 months lock in period and 2 years agreement- neither of these terms are acceptable to me. I have never signed a house rent agreement with a lock in period and I, never will. Then, I called the broker of the other flat I had shortlisted- a 1 bhk in Hiranandani Powai. The flat was still available because the owners want to sell it. They can’t give an assurance that the next owner (if and when it sells) will buy it for investment only instead of staying in it him/her self. I went ahead with it any way because the thought of looking at more flats is nauseating. I couldn’t move in till Monday because the society had not given the NOC. Fun story behind that too. Apparently, the owner had not paid maintenance for the last few months due to which society was withholding the NOC. And the brokers kept this a secret.

Everything is sorted now. And am so glad I have to spend less than 10 days in Mumbai this month.

Right now, I think I will be able to stay for 6 months without major pangs as long as I spend 10-15 days in a month travelling.

I am off to Vizag tomorrow and looking forward to it.

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