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… since I blogged. Wow!!!

I went to Punjab for 2 days- Chandigarh and Ludhiana. No, I did not get to eat non veg or even explore the cities. The days were packed with work. I reached the New Delhi railway station at 10 pm and promptly stood in the queue for prepaid cabs. Guess what? The cabs do not go to Gurgaon. WTF!!! I did not want to take the local cabs. It is Delhi, after all and none of the radio cabs were available asap. Finally, the mega cab turned up after 11 pm and I reached home at 12.30 pm. What a night!!!

I had a hard time finding a new cook. The previous cook was fired over a paneer bhurji (minus tomatoes). The problem is that most cooks think that they cook at home for their family so they are fit to cook in someone else’s house for money. A cook needs to be

– able to cook various cuisines

– remember new recipes

– be adaptable and flexible enough to cook differently in each house

– know basics like daal, chawal, roti, subji

After days of search a Bengali lady turned up. I asked her to cook a full meal as trial. The food was very good and well, she is perfect.

KC bought me an Ipod touch. Actually, I decided I wanted the 4th generation touch and asked KC to pay for it. I would have returned half of the amount but then KC decided to fund it himself. My objective was to use it while I jog/run. My phone does not have a good music player… I can’t find any good apps. And the phone is bulky.. running with it in my pocket is uncomfortable. The ipod touch is same as iphone or any other phone except it does not have a cellular service. You can connect it to the wifi and use all apps. Initially, I wondered what is the use? My phone can do all of these things. Also, it does not have a GPS because of which it calculates the distance incorrectly which is a bummer. But the distance calculated is exactly double so I work around that.

I carried the ipod touch while travelling and it was a good companion… it has all the music… ebooks (amazon kindle app and flipkart ebooks app)… television shows and movies (downloaded them… converted to ipod format and saved them on the device). The ipod touch is an entertainment device and I don’t need the phone for that… it saves my battery life. Plus, the music quality is too awesome.

Thats it then. Ciao.


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