Ironies of Life

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Hi people… April has been a month filled with health issues which hampered my workouts.

There was an off on Tuesday and I had planned my long run on that day instead of on Sunday. On Monday, I hurt my toe (Yes… a toe) and most of the nail came off. Painful!!! That put an end to running for the next 2 weeks. After that, the heat got to me and I was ill for 2-3 days. Today when I went for my long run I could feel the loss of stamina and pace. Consistence is key.

I was feeling tired and lazy last week and skipped 1 week of workout. Irony is, on days when I don’t exercise I feel more tired and lethargic. Starting is the key… rest is easy. That one day when you have take your ass off the couch and into the gym/pool/track. Thats all it takes.

I also sacked my maid last week since she never turned up on time. She had been working at the house on and off for a year but kept giving me false commitments about coming on time. The new maid seems entirely new to Gurgaon… I can see her shock when am dressed in tiny clothes. Its quite a culture shock for her. The other day I de-cluttered the kitchen and threw away all the expired items- mainly different kind of flour. The maid asked me to give it to her next time. I told her; “I cannot do that. If you eat expired food, it will make you ill”. She said; “Better to eat bad food than no food”. And that sums it up. A line am going to remember all my life. Puts things in perspective.

I finished reading the book on ‘Bandit Queen’ and was touched. I have seen the movie but this book was from Phoolan Devi’s point of view. The bone of contention is the Behmai massacre in which 20 Thakurs were shot dead by Phoolan and her gang . According to Phoolan, she was not involved in the killing… she had even maintained that to the police. But the cops say she killed them to avenge her gang rape. It is a sad story and raises questions on the value of females in India… specially in rural areas. Irony, Phoolan is from UP and went through all the crap in that state … and recently the CM’s father of that state belittled the Mumbai rape. Guess, things haven’t really changed. Do read it.

Thats it for now… am off to savour my aam ras.

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