iPill Vs Unwanted 72

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No no… this post is not about the secrets and inner workings about the pills… no dirty details here.
I have heard the pills are being used as regular contraceptives instead of in emergency. Why is that? People are not educated?? Or is it an easy way out??? Or have the ads been misleading? It could be 1 or all or some of these reasons.

Personally, I prefer iPill ads. Anyone can identify with them… and have been shot in a sensitive manner. They have class. Unwanted 72 ads are too fake. It is so obvious the celebrity couples are faking it… in every way possible.

So women… iPill it is…

PS: iPill is not paying me to write their reviews… but they should.

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  1. Well, he could interact with you in many ways, allowing you to form an elaborate opinion about him, while keeping his IDENTITY a secret!!

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