Introduction to What The Fuck!!!

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It is a dull Wed afternoon… I have met my sales target… waiting for the sales executive to pick me up so we can roam on the streets of Rajkot screaming “DB… db joyiye che” (Distributor… need a DB). It is our daily ritual for past 2 months which has yielded no results. I like how practical my company is…. lets name it ABC… we do not use scoping, targeting, tele calling etc. Such MBA techniques are for the sissies… real men (in my case, real women) just go out there and “Do It”.

Don’t mind the double meaning dialogues on this blog… after 3 blogs (1 in college… 1 at job… 1 anonymous) I know how to pull traffic (hint: read blog title).

Why have I started another blog? Lets see… I am missing the attention in my life.So.. this blog.

I will try to be as controversial as possible… I promise. And unlike most bloggers… I will update it quite often… maybe even everday (keep your fingers crossed).

All said and done… I am such a Gemini.

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