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KC’s and my most intense conversations happen in the car on the way to work. The best part is they cannot last beyond 15 minutes unless I get pissed and then his life is hell with all the Whatsapp messages and maybe even calls throughout the day.

He said something today which struck me- You seem so angry on social media. Sometimes I get worried.

And it made me wonder. On a normal day I am a very optimistic person at work and at home. Because…

– KC is the pessimist and I need to be positive to balance things out

– If I start being pessimistic at work, nothing will get done. My manager appreciates my optimism every quarter

And I told KC

“I am not angry. The whole white washing of one’s life on facebook really gets to me and so I have donned the mantle of bringing negativity on that medium. Else we will all die of diabetes. Sure, it’s dirty work but somebody has to do it.”

But here is why I am not happy and optimistic on social media- mainly twitter and facebook

– I am a big critic and anyone who knows me well… knows this about me. Obviously, it translates to social media

– I cannot stand fake happy or overly sweet people (even if their intentions are good). I detest, hate and stay away from such people because they are diabetic. There is no way am going to let that go unchecked on facebook

– My views and opinions tend to scandalize most people because I don’t have censors which say don’t abuse, don’t talk about sex, be diplomatic etc etc… Now, that’s not always possible in real life so I use social media to scandalize. Guess what, that’s how most people think but are afraid to say so

– Those baby pics have got to go. New born babies are ugly. Enough said

– Those profile pics with hubby have to go. It’s women like these who delete their fb profiles when they get divorced. Have a life of your own which does not include your hubby because nobody… NOBODY…. is around forever. And why is it always the women who delete their profiles after a divorce? We all have had breakups… it’s nothing to be ashamed of. It’s better than hanging on in a relationship which is killing you slowly

– Those quizzes are terrible. I thought we had all grown out of those. Apparently not. If you need to take a quiz on facebook to find out about yourself… you have issues…. major issues.

– I love twitter because I get to meet like minded, negative, humorous, pervs who wear the cloak of anonymity and say what they like. It’s a great place to be yourself or to pretend to be someone else

What I love about social media or even the internet?

You can be whoever you want to be. One day you are flirty, girly girl and the next day this bad mouthed venom spewing woman. I have a whole different personality online and I love it. Makes me miss my chat room days. Sigh!!!

4 thoughts on “Intense conversation

  1. I LOVE your sense of humor, Please be negative on Social media 😉

    And tell KC that its ok, Your fans love it 😛

  2. who compels you to watch baby photos or hubby photos. As you have an opinion or way of doing things others do too 🙂 whether its deleting profile or being sweet….
    try force smiling for a few minutes when you are sad and may be you will become genuinely happy. those optimistic posts aren’t as bad as you project them to be.. Nothing needsto go to make you happy- baby photos, game requests, quizzes anything – profile pic with hubby or baby or anyone….don’t like it don’t see it /ignore it..

    BTW I do not mind your negativity i myself feels cynic at times 🙂

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