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I am regularly asked how I keep up with so many things especially my hectic workout schedule. Where do I get so much energy, enthusiasm and motivation from. I don’t know how to answer it because I am surrounded by people who are 100 times all of the above. From a mother of two who just ran a Boston marathon to a 30 year old who became an Ironman when was 27/28 years old.

At Bandhavgarh I met a 54 year old German woman living in Britain who said “14 years back when my friends and family started dying, they would say “I wish I had done this or done that” and I decided that wasn’t going to be me”. She started living her dreams and doing things she always wanted to do. This was her second visit to India to see tigers, she has run the full marathon at Paris and Moscow, she has run at the Golden Gate bridge etc etc.

Today I met Clifford, a lean foreigner, who takes the late night body pump class on Tuesdays. I only go on Tuesdays when am going to miss Wednesdays. I chatted with him for 10 mins. He works 12 hours a day in a MNC and takes body pump class 1-2 times a week.

All these are signs for me to push myself and do more, so much more. At my death bed am not going to regret being the normal Indian woman who got a good job at 24/25 yrs, got married at 26 yrs, had kids at 30 yrs (32/33 yrs now) and then spent the rest of her life being a mother and a wife.

My relocation to a city which I hate is an opportunity- to spend the next few months between work and the gym. I am being pushed to focus on my goals without any distractions and I will be a fool if I don’t make full use of it.

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