Insomnia… Stress… and why blogging is a dying art

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It is 6 am and I should either be sleep or on my way for a run. I twisted and turned till midnight, checked and rechecked IG and Twitter till the refresh button didn’t update any new posts and was horrified to find I had run out of Forest Essentials tranquil sleep. I haven’t needed to use it since I moved into a shared flat. I didn’t need someone to share my bed to be able to sleep well, I just needed the comfort of other humans in the vicinity.

It has been a stressful week and I don’t let stress seep into my life post 7 pm. But everyday has been a fight these last few days and I haven’t been able to avoid it. Maybe it is because I had a bad run on Sunday and haven’t been able to venture into the gym since then. Maybe because I am tired of people around me getting bullied. Maybe because the culture at my workplace is shit and I need to speak up. Or maybe because the cowardice of some people is extremely sad to deal with. I don’t know who I want to be but I definitely know who I don’t want to be.

But enough about me. Why has blogging been so slow? This is the first time in years am finding it hard to update the blog regularly.

  • Every thought I have is out there on social media (Twitter/IG/Facebook) within minutes of thinking it
  • Blogging can’t be instantaneous like social media. One reason is because it is difficult to blog from a phone or even from an Ipad. I brought the Mac from Gurgaon so I could blog
  • The apps of sites like wordpress and blogger are shitty. Do you know how difficult it is to even upload photos from them? Who is going to open a laptop everytime they need to blog?
  • I deliberately keep myself busy throughout the day and with so many activities, blogging has taken a back seat. Also, where is the need to express a thought or reflect on the day’s events when am doing that on Twitter or Instagram
  • There are so many people I follow on social media who I discovered through their blogs. Personal blogging is now a very lonely activity since everyone else seems to have stopped.

What do you think?

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