Inglorious Basterds

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I was planning to watch ‘Wake up Sid’ (despite Rishabh’s thumbs down on FB.. I remembered he didn’t like Kaminey and appreciated Love Aaj Kal)… but then my eyes fell upon ‘Inglorious Bastards’. It stars Brad Pitt (I am not a fan) and is directed by Quentin Tarantino (big fan).

This is the best flick of 2009… Tarantino has a particular style… the movies progress slowly… very slowly… till the interval I was wondering where this is leading… what is the purpose of the movie… which way will it go.
The show stealer is not the hero.. but the villain ‘Jew Hunter’ played by Christopher Waltz who is a German actor. Fabulous character and amazing acting. One of the strongest characters I have come across.
The story is set during World War II… Germans have occupied France and are exterminating the Jews… Brad Pitt and his gang are the ‘Basterds’ trying to remove the Germans…
Please… please… please… don’t miss it.

PS: The violence quotient is very high… typical Tarantino isshtyle (remember Kill Bill???)


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