Indians are bad with queues

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This Monday at 4.30 am I was at Mumbai airport. The flight was at 6.00 am but I was expected to arrive before 4.45 am by the flight. I hate waking up so early. Anyway, bleary eyed I waited in the queue for a print out of my ticket with other passengers. There were long queues everywhere… print out, entry, baggage screening, check in, security, boarding etc. One smart, old gentleman cut the queue and moved to the front and asked the lady to give his print out. Everyone protested and he had to join the queue.

At the security check the crew announced the boarding. I got worried… I didn’t want to miss my flight. I looked for a Go air employee, told him my dilemma and asked him if I was late. Do I need to move to the front of the queue? He assured me that I will reach on time. Another lady traveling on Jet gingerly moved to the beginning of the queue… I stopped her. “Excuse me, there is a queue”.. “Yes”; she said “but my boarding has been announced”.
“Same for us… we are still in the queue”. She moved away.

I haven’t come across such behavior abroad. There, people consider cutting queues rude and ill mannered. But in India discipline does not matter.

We had gone to Australia last year for a trip by the company. All employees above a certain level had come. At Movie world in Gold Coast, we were in a queue for a particular ride. There were 2 men who work at very high designations in the factory. They cut across ahead of me and went on the ride before us. I was disgusted… they were in their 40s… earned much more than me… but had no manners and acted like kids. I made it a point to approach them later and ask them not to behave like this ever again. It is disgusting. I didn’t care what designation they hold. Kuch toh decency rakho.

6 thoughts on “Indians are bad with queues

  1. and what about the indians who show their hands to vehicles while crossing the roads ??? So much for discipline 😛

    Dont even try defending that one now… although i agree breaking queues is disgusting !!!

    @ K.c

  2. I don’t think that is undisciplined.
    Nobody has complained as of yet. Every car/bike wala has stopped to let me cross the road when I show my hand. You are just jealous.

  3. I totally agree about the queues… And I am so scared that when I return to India, I will so not be used to this kind of behavior.. I miss India.. a lot.. but I wish our fellow countrymen will learn some basic things which will make life easier for everyone!

  4. fully agree with KC
    @ buls: ofcourse u dont have time to stop and hear when they crib and shout and ofcourse they have to stop if u run in front of them to avoid running over u!!
    And i have heard people not moving off the reserved seats in UK!!

  5. @Merlin: Completely agree with you. When you come to India you will become like those NRIs who turn their nose at everything… and drink mineral water… 😛

    @RT: Nobody has shouted at me as of yet… and I don’t run… I walk calmly while showing my hand and challenge them to run me over. Since I am alive… it shows I am right.

    And yes… I did go and reprimand them… publicly… 🙂

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