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I was quite pissed with KC for watching this movie without me. I had been badgering him for 3 weeks. There were no good torrents to download and when he gave me a bad review I gave up.

Thankfully, my bro had not seen it and we headed to the theatre on Rakshabandhan.
Well… I don’t understand what people found complicated in the movie and had to watch it again. I guess, you shouldn’t get into the details.
The movie is ok kinds… I felt like the director went out of his way to complicate it. Worth a watch once but definitely does not deserve all the raving it has been getting.


4 thoughts on “Inception

  1. Y do u hv to give not so gud reviews to most movies ..i loose watver interest i hv in watching them…
    on the other hand – its gud as i dont get to watch most anyways :-/

  2. Lol… I did say it is worth a watch once… and I cannot help it if good movies are not being made… 😛
    Chalo… atleast I saved your money

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