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I generally don’t talk about ‘current affairs’ on this blog… there are enough opinions in the papers… on the news… on twitter… on facebook… everywhere. Do you still need me to talk about it?

But, there are some things I have to mention… please bear with me:

– Anjelina Jolie’s breasts: These have been all over the news. Sure, her body parts- leg, lips, butt, waist etc are always in the news. But this time I HAVE to talk about it. She got her breasts chopped off… to reduce her risk of breast cancer. I am sorry… but Americans (I know she is not American, is she? But she has lived there) are plain dumb. There is a cure for breast cancer, if detected early. Many women have survived. We all know that. How is chopping off her breasts a solution? What if she gets cervical cancer (touch wood)? That is fairly common too… is she going to remove her cervix? And why are people calling her brave? Is someone who faces the disease brave or someone who runs away from facing it? Or is this another publicity stunt? Anything is possible in Hollywood. And why do we have to give it so much coverage? Now even I am talking about it. Sigh!!!

– Match fixing in IPL: I get it if boxers, wrestlers, table tennis champs, footballers etc fix games to earn money. They need it and hardly earn any. IPL is all about money… everyone is earning buckets and tuckets out of it. Why then would cricketers fix it? Aren’t the endorsements paying them enough? Aren’t enough companies sponsoring their teams? Isn’t there a line where there IS enough money? And how dumb are people? They are still watching it? It is like watching reality TV… everything is pre-decided… action, thrills, tears, drama, comedy. Whats the point? Isn’t cricket supposed to be a GAME and not reality TV?

– Sanjay Dutt: I am so tired of this man. He committed a crime… a grave crime… he got the due punishment. Just like others involved in the bomb blasts. End of story. Is it relevant that he has changed???? He better have… it is high time. Is it relevant that he is Sunil Dutt and Nargis’s son? Why should their “charity” and “good work” reflect on to him? Why should he be spared is his father was a good man? So what if he is a Bollywood star? He is still an Indian citizen and has to be tried in court. Why are people saying that he was young and foolish when he bought the guns from underworld? Even as kids we are supposed to know buying illegal guns is bad… buying them from underworld is worse… How can a grown 33 year old man not know that? I salute this decision. The court has done justice.

Now if only I could see Salman Khan and Saif Ali Khan (black buck case) get their due in court.

Sigh… I am done venting.

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