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People… I am sorry for spamming you with so many fitness posts da but nothing else is happening in life. Except for this hickey am dealing with but I wonder if it is an acceptable topic of conversation on social media. If I was in college, I would have showed it off to my best friends. But since I crossed 30 years 2 years back, am just going to hide inside the house till it fades off. I tried the spoon trick someone suggested on twitter (keep a spoon in the freezer for 15 mins and then keep it on the hickey 3-4 times till it fades off) but it didn’t work and my skills on the concealer front are pathetic (that is why no selfies because of under eye bags).

On a serious note, am laid up in bed with a shoulder ache which will acerbate if I spend the day in office on a chair. If it does not heal today, I will see my regular physiotherapist tomorrow. A shoulder pain does not mean that I cannot work out my lower body or run, right?

But that is not what this post is about… remember I had made weekly goals here? I am happy to note that despite a disastrous 1st week, am on track. Only issue is that I didn’t lose any fat weight last week though I didn’t gain any. I have been trying to recall where I went wrong… and so, here are my resolutions for the next 1-2 weeks. I am trying to meet these goals in the next 1 week:

  • Light dinner at night. Which means no going out for dinner. I am only going to eat dalia khichdi for dinner till Monday. No exceptions
  • No treating myself on the weekend because I ran a long distance. I have realized that the weekly treat ruins everything. Even if I run 36 km (which I will) over the weekend, am not allowed to eat junk
  • No chocolates. The bane of my life. I didn’t eat any chocolates in the 2nd week and it showed in the results. Last week I became over confident and had a chocolate almost everyday.
  • No rice. I am sorry for making white rice the enemy but it is just a matter of few months after which I will add it to my diet judiciously
  • More fruits in the diet. I haven’t eaten 2 fruits everyday last week.
  • I added yolk to my diet last week… will go back to eating egg whites. I am not saying yolks make any difference but am going to try and see it for myself
  • No eating white bread after short runs. Shashank had recommended that I eat white bread immediately after a run but am only going to do this for long runs


In other news, KC is travelling over the weekend and I plan to catch up on all the missed movies- Minions, Inside Out (if it is still playing), Masaan… some hot chocolate at Choko La at Promenade (because there is no sign of the new store in Cyber Hub), maybe even a play or I may just end up spending the whole weekend running, at the gym and lounging in my bed watching movies. Who knows? Life is such an adventure, I tell you. You never know which movie you will end up watching on a lonely weekend.

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