If you are not shopping like this, you are doing it wrong

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Walks into the Body Shop store at Terminal 3 Delhi airport. The unwavering ritual followed everytime is this :

  • Security check
  • Stock up on Lindt at WHSmith, if travelling to Mumbai this is skipped since Lindt is cheaper at Hypercity
  • Check if company stocks are available and properly merchandised. Message reportee (if phone is turned on, else store it in memory) incase of issues
  • Cross Marks and Spencer to check if there are discounts or there is something interesting
  • Walk into Mango. Stay longer if there is a sale. The store has shut down so now I have 5 mins to spare
  • Enter Body Shop. Stock up on stuff.
  • Have idlis for breakfast
  • Board the flight

At the store, I see my favourite collection’s (X’mas collection which has fragrances like cranberry and green apple) new launches – body mist with shimmer and body scrub. I can’t buy the scrub because am using Forest Essentials’ fabulous one (tamarind fragrance) so I zero in on the body mist. I don’t need or want shimmer but it is too faint to be noticeable.

At the cash counter “just give me the cranberry shimmer body mist”

Him – Since you have the membership card, buy for 2k and get a point (3 purchases of 2k give you a discount voucher)

Me (looks around) – Give me a loofah

Him – You need to buy for another 300 bucks

Me (counting the number of lip balms I own. There is space for one more if I stretch my imagination) – Give me a lip balm, the honey one

Him – We don’t have honey

Me – Ok, ok. Give me one more loofah. You can never have enough loofahs.

Him – You need to buy for another 70 bucks

You know what, forget it. I am going to buy only what I need.

(Realises that neither the body mist or loofah are an immediate or a 6 months into the future requirement)

(Pats back for not succumbing to the pressure and greed)

(Looks around and spots a mini Honey body scrub)

Ooh, a body scrub I can use while travelling or in the shower at the gym.

Me – Give me the mini tub of Honey scrub. Have you finished billing (heart in mouth)

Cashier (looking happy) – No. No (muttering to self) I see nutcases like you everyday and take my own time to make the bill. If you are not tempted to buy something at every turn, we are not doing our job right. Everything in the store is placed with the intent of maximum temptation for gullible people like you.

I walk out with a hop and skip feeling happy about being one step closer to the discount voucher and buying products I suddenly can’t imagine life without.

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