If God was a banker… we would all be broke

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This is book is by some Ravi Subramanian who is a hot shot in the corporate world.
It is about 2 men- Sundeep and Swami who join a bank as MTs… they go through ups and downs in their career and lives… Sundeep is scheming, immoral guy who shoots to the top using wrong means while Swami is a sensible, conservative guy who reaches the top using the correct methods.
The book does give an insight into corporate life… the pressures, pretty women, sexual harrassment, promotions etc… it covers the dull and the scandalous.
But… it reads like a child has written it… I don’t know how to describe it… it reads like a short story instead of a novel… there is too much happening too soon.
Totally avoid. Reading books by such authors I am so tempted to write one myself. Hmmm… I think I should.

2 thoughts on “If God was a banker… we would all be broke

  1. I am waiting for the right idea… wondering what to write about… a chick lit novel??? something full of sex like Mills and Boon??? Experiences in B school???? Experiences in Engg??? or excerpts from my various blogs???

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