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What with everyone talking about ‘Rakhi ka swayamvar’ I decided to add a few words to it. Like her or hate her you just cannot ignore her. Every few months she barges into your house through the TV and your ear drums vibrate with the sounds of her life… whether it is Mika smooching her or her plastic surgery or her breakup and subsequent make up with Abhishek.
I do admire her perseverance. Rakhi reminds me of KC… (he is going to kill me for this). 2 years back she had featured in a Minto fresh ad. Minto fresh being major competition for us we freaked out thinking their sales would zoom upwards and ours would nose dive. KC had smsed when he watched the ad for the 1st time. I teased him and said; “You are obssessed with her and she is your fav”.
Anyway… I was expecting Rakhi to shoot off her mouth on the show (like she always does) but she is suprisingly demure and gharelu. It is quite ridiculous. Everyone is curious… will she marry… won’t she? If she does, how long will it last?
Last Sat Boss and me were discussing the show. He was of the opinion that she will marry and why shouldn’t she? After all, 90% of Indians opt for arranged marriage. This is a glorified version of arranged marriage… except that Rakhi’s real family is not on the show.

Yesterday I was watching the auditions of ‘So you think you can dance?’. I was surprised to see so many forms of dance. I mean… how many Indian dances do we watch except Bollywood dance? Is it ‘coz other Indian dances are complicated and not too entertaining??? Or is it ‘coz they are not part of the general Indian culture??? What I like and appreciate about such reality shows is that you get to see real talent minus the crappy sob stuff. There are worse reality shows on US TV but the good ones surpass those on Indian TV in all aspects.

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