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I came across ‘NDTV Good Times’ while switching channels. There was a program ‘Highway on my plate’ playing. 2 old, fat men with long hair had traveled to Ludhiana. After the initial introduction; “This is the city with max no of Mercs…. “, they proceeded to some pakora shop called ‘Punnu ke pakore’. They ate pakoras and talked about pakoras for the next 5 mins. The owner of the shop was introduced and asked stupid questions in Hindi. The questions and answers were translated to English for the benefit of viewers. After all, it is an English program. A bit of Hindi just will not do. They then attacked some Kulfi shop and started eating again.

What a bore of a show!!! And where do they find such ugly, stupid, dumb hosts? Indian TV is going to the dogs… oops… sorry… didn’t mean to insult the dogs.

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6 thoughts on “Idiot Box

  1. Very true……I never see any news channel other than CNN IBN, hate serials and serial watchers,turn my TV on only to watch sports, music, Splitsvilla, Roadies and once in a while turn on channels like HBO or Star Movies for some good movies….

    Apart from all these I guess all else whatever is shown in TV is crap, wastage of time and kills our creative thought process.

    PS: No comments on Sex and the City, I know its one of your favorites 😛

  2. You can comment on Sex and the City… I have no problems… I will love it anyway. Even Zee Cafe has good classic shows like Who’s the Boss and Different Strokes

  3. i have heard so many negatives about NDTV good times that it seems more like a bad times television ..and yeah this show takes the cream -again from whatever i heard from others…thankfully i have restrained myself from watching such TV

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