I’d rather be working than be ill

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Sometimes I think how nice it would if I fell ill and can stay home on a weekday.

And then it actually happens….

I have my lunch outside since it is not possible to carry a tiffin and find a place to eat in malls. On Monday I had food at Infinity mall. It made me pukish. On Tuesday the stomach upset started. I thought it would go away… but it didn’t. It was accompanied by headache and vomiting on Wed. I took the day off and visited a doc. He gave me the yuckiest medicines which made me puke further. I went to bed at 8 pm and woke up 9.30 pm with uneasiness. I decided to go to the hospital… instead of suffering all night. Thank god Wockhardt is 5 mins away. I had to wait till midnight to get an injection. The doc suggested I get admitted since I can’t take the tablets but need to treat the infection. I thought I would speak to KC and decide. Guess what!!! His phone is unreachable. Just my luck.
I have never been admitted to a hospital mainly because my dad is a doc. The hospital is below the house. Everytime I fell ill (and I would fall seriously ill as a kid) all the equipment would be brought upstairs. Dad would come all the way to my boarding school (in Mt Abu) to give me treatment.
And staying home when ill is not so much fun… I could not watch TV, be online or read books. All I did was sleep… and that is such a waste of time.
I’d rather be working than be ill.
PS: I forgot to mention 2.5 kgs weight loss in one day… I know… I know… I am just going to gain it back today itself…

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