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There was a quiz during Desperate Housewives which I answered without fail. The good old days when the TV channels expected you to interact with them are sooo over. Anyway, few months back I received a SMS asking for my address since I qualified for a prize. I replied back but didn’t think much about it… after all, what are the chances that I could win?

Guess what… I received a call yesterday confirming the address and the gift was delivered today. Wow!!! But… the show is sponsored by my company (thats NOT why I won) and the gift hamper is sponsored by them…. and thats not the worst part… the products in the hamper do not sell very well in the market. So, now I am the owner of products which don’t sell or have been discontinued. Some fancy hamper!!!
KC was quite excited about the win. He said I am the only one he knows who has won something.
I am not stranger to fame and success. My letter had been published in Wee Wonder when I was a teenager. You don’t know Wee Wonder??? C’mon. I waited for Sat so I could read the children’s supplement with TOI. Another letter was read out on this show of Zee Tv where the hosts read letters (there were no e-mails) from fans.
I didn’t know the letter to Wee Wonder would get published. They also printed my name, address and age. The next weekend I received an anonymous letter in a bulky envelope. It contained a letter from some female and nude photos. I was just 13 and horrified. I tore up the letter, threw it into a dustbin and burst into tears. Why would anyone send me such crap? My friends in the hostel (co-ed hostel in Mt Abu) were quite curious. They glued the letter back together and read it. These girls were 1-2 years younger to me. I thought that would be the end of it… but… there was another letter waiting for me next weekend. Strange part is… the letters came only on Sat and I started dreading it. Usually in hostels letters are opened, read and then handed over to the recipient. This is to prevent affairs through letters and keep a tab on communication with parents. Anyways… I was so scared the matron would open the letter and blame me… but she didn’t. My friends were more excited this time… apparently the last letter had dos and donts during sex. There was also an address of Baroda where we could communicate. My friends wanted to reply back and find out the identity while I just wanted the letters to stop. Thankfully, they did.

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