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… So do you, if you are reading this.

Here it is… as promised, a list of soaps I dig. Only English because I don’t watch Hindi television anymore and the Hindi soaps from my past will make me nostalgic and I will cry.

*Please ignore any typos or incoherent thoughts. My nose is blocked and for some reason it affects my writing and thinking ability. In fact, I may even have to miss Chandan’s core class today evening though I don’t want to because he is my 2nd favourite trainer*

1) True Blood

There was a time when everytime KC looked at my screen (TV/laptop) I was watching vampires stuff. Vampires are the most fascinating creatures around and True Blood is my favourite vampire series. I don’t know why they had to cancel the show because it had not ended. I have not seen a show this dirty- blood, grime, nudity before or after this. It is about Sookie who is a fairy who can read people’s minds. Her life changes when Bill Compton- a vampire walks into Bon Temps. Through him, she becomes familiar with the vampire world. This is when vampires had started “coming out”- basically, people had become aware of their existence and humans and vampires were trying to co-exist peacefully with the help of “true blood”- a drink which replaced vampires’ need for human blood. In walks Eric- the antithesis to Bill. He is hot, sexy, obnoxious and non-boring- as opposed to Bill.

You cannot watch this serial when there are prudes, kids, maids, cooks, elders etc around. It has lots and lots and lots of sex. There is also a female Jessica who is Bill’s “daughter” who dies a virgin as a human and so when she becomes a vampire… she is a virgin everytime she has sex. Her hymen grows back every single time. So much fun.

2) Vampire Diaries

Since we are on the topic of vampires, just like everyone I liked the show when it started but now I watch it only for Ian Somerhalder. I don’t care about the storyline… or the other characters… or how senseless it is now. As long as Ian is there in the episode, I will watch it.

3) Girls

A better and more real version of Sex and the City. While SATC was all about 4 women looking for love, Girls is about everything – work, relationships, friendships, parents, career, sex- everything. What differentiates it from SATC in a major way is how self centred the 4 girls are- Hannah (Lena Dunham), Marnie (Allison Williams), Jessa (Jemima Kirke) and Soshanna (Zosia Mamet). I find their friendship also to be quite superficial but the show is kind of fun.

Every season there is something I have never seen before. The last season had Marnie in a weird sex position and a naked, pregnant lady trying to give birth at home.

If it comes across like I am attracted to the dirtiest stuff on TV… you are right.

4) Ally McBeal

Since we are on the topic of women… I loved this show as a teenager… and I love it even now. Not the later seasons but the earlier ones are superb. Ally McBeal falls in love with her childhood friend Bill. They both join law school even though Ally does not have a special interest in law. She just wants to be with Bill. But Bill meets a girl in another law school and decides to transfer there and breaks off with Ally. Ally gets to know about this other female years later. Anyway, they both part ways. Bill gets married and joins the firm Richard and Fish. Richard is Ally’s college friend and bumps into her the day she is fired. He offers her a job as a lawyer at his firm and she takes it up. Only to meet Bill- the love of her life… who is now married to Georgia.

The show revolves around their search for love and relationship along with lots of courtroom drama over stupid cases. It is kind of fun.

My favourite scene is the one where Ally and Georgia are dying to have their first cup of coffee of the day. When they get their mugs, Ally teaches Georgia to take it slow… tease herself with the coffee… withdraw… tease again… and then finally… finally… take the first sip. It is very sexual… so sexual that I could shag to it. I try it everytime I have Choko La’s hot chocolate after a break.

Who knew you could shag to hot chocolate!!!

5) The Practice

Since we are on lawyers… The Practice is my favourite lawyer drama. I hated the way it ended… so depressing but the initial seasons are fun. Not fun… as in fun fun but more like I want to stay up for 7 days and 7 nights and watch this stuff without a break. I think it is as real as it gets. The focus of the show is on cases, courtroom drama, lots and lots of legal stuff and some bit about the lives of the lawyers- Bobby Donnell, Rebecca Washington, Jimmy Berluti, Eugene Young, Helen Gamble, Lindsay Dole, Ellanor Frutt and the secretary Lucy Hatcher.

This is one of the few shows KC watched with me. It is also one of the few shows I managed to watch every episode of.

6) The Office

If you work in the corporate you will dig this show. Steve Carell reminded me of every boss I have worked with/for. He knows nothing, pretends like he does but everyone can see through him. I loved and hated him at the same time. The Office is the most boring place in the world… it looks boring… the people working there are boring… their lives are boring… their jobs are boring… the business they work in is boring. Just like any of our workplaces. And then you have the stunning- intern Ryan the super good looking Jim Halpert. Pam is the secretary and Jim and Pam’s tricks are hilarious… juvenile… but so funny. They probably come to office wondering how they are going to make the day hellish for Dwight. The office has everyone- lovers, a crappy boss, a good looking intern, HR who is hated by the boss, a sweet secretary, the slut, the fat guy, the guy who couldn’t care less about everyone, the Indian, the ass licker etc etc.

After Steve Carell’s exit the show is not the same but it isn’t bad either. I still have to finish the last season… and I will… someday… hopefully.

7) The Mindy Project

How cool is Mindy Kaling!!! I love this lady. Who knew there could be a successful show in the USA with an Indian who is dark and overweight. Not that that has anything to do with the show. Mindy Kaling rocks as Mindy Lahiri. She is a doctor who wears the most amazing outfits, is super funny and super shallow. In later seasons, she and her fellow doctor Danny Castellano start dating. It is not all fun and games because they are complete opposites. He is the quintessential mama’s boy while we barely know about her parents. He is finickingly (I know that’s not a word… I just invented it) tidy to her annoyingly sloppy. But they have amazing chemistry.

I am so glad the show has been picked up for another season. Cannot wait.

8) Game of Thrones

Do I even need to say anything about this? One of the greatest shows every made. Sure, there is a lot of criticism flying around but I love it to the moon and back. Every character is good in the book but it comes alive in the series because of amazing actors. My favourite characters? Lannisters- Tyrion and Cersei. I cannot get enough of both. Peter Dinklage is the most fabulous actor and super sexy.

And I love that the new season does not follow the books strictly. Major changes have been made and there are things which are supposed to happen in the book that George R.R Martin is still writing but it is already in the show.

I won’t give out spoilers. In fact, once this season ends I plan to watch it from the beginning all over again. Because there is no greater happiness than binge watching your favourite show.

Care to join me? No? Ok. Good. I don’t like company that talks during the show or even movies. I’d rather watch a movie alone than with someone who will talk during important scenes.

9) Silicon Valley

Rishabh told me about this show and now am hooked. It is a show based in Silicon Valley about a bunch of guys who start a company. They have an idea but that is not enough. They need funding, customers, business model, revenues etc etc. Every episode Richard Hendrix comes up with a big problem related to his start up. The problems never end but he plods on… with the support of his friends and colleagues. Super hilarious and a must watch.

10) Orange is the new Black

The book sucked because it had no meaty details. The show is superb. It is about Piper Chapman who is sentenced to prison for drug smuggling 10 years earlier. Her then girlfriend Alex Vause had spilled her name to the cops. What is tragic is that that was Piper’s only offence. She cleaned up her act since then and was engaged to a nice guy.

Piper has to deal with prison life and comes face to face with Alex. A brilliant show with lots of lesbian sex. Season 3 of the show airs on 12th June. Don’t miss it.

11) Modern Family

A show about a regular American family. I watch it out of habit. It is not bad but it isn’t brilliant either.

12) The Big Bang Theory

Brilliant. Funny. But I prefer to binge watch it. 1 episode per week just isn’t the same kind of fun.

13) Awkward

I watched a few episodes on Comedy Central .. or was it Zee Cafe and got hooked. It is the usual show about teenagers dealing with school, parents, friendships, relationships etc. The star though is the villain- Sadie Saxton who is the usual stuck up, spoilt brat that all American school shows/movies have. The only difference is… she is overweight instead of being perfect. But that does not mean she has any less sass.

14) Mad Men

What I am watching currently. Each episode is 47 mins long which makes watching it tedious. I think every episode could have been reduced to 30 mins to make it fast paced. And the more seasons pass by, the less I like Don and the more I want to see the other characters.

The show is set in the 60s in an ad agency. I love the setting…. most women work as secretaries. It is an achievement for a woman to be a copywriter.

Advertising = drinking all day, screwing around even when married, entertaining clients with prostitutes and liquor etc etc

Kind of fun. I am hooked right now.


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