I liked Kaminey- am I weird?

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There have been negative reviews of Kaminey floating around on Fb… that it is over-hyped… ok ok hai. I liked the movie… it does drag a little towards the end… but rest is entertaining. It is different… creative… me like it… Everyone has praised Priyanka’s acting and conveniently ignored Shaahid. I liked Shaahid… he has done justice to the role. He is a good actor… better than most newcomers.
People…. do watch it.
If there is any over hyped movie it is Love Aaj Kal… Kaminey is so much better.

4 thoughts on “I liked Kaminey- am I weird?

  1. I like to be Kamina as well, if I were more Kamina, would I be Kaminey? Isn’t it so much more fun to be Kamina then to be bhola. A Kamina deed a day, makes the world a more interesting place to stay. What’s your contribution for the day?

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