I have(n’t) stopped blogging

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I have stopped blogging.

On some days it feels like a transition to adulthood when you lose the best parts of yourself to become someone society approves of.

On other days, the void is too large to fill.

Sometimes I asked myself, who cares, who is even reading the blog, does its existence even matter. I could just delete years and years of writing in a few clicks and end the guilt.

But, someone DOES care. I care. Something about putting thoughts into words is cathartic. Something about its disappearance would feel like the death of a parent.

(I don’t know what the death of a parent feels like but I do know what the absence of parents from your life feels like).

Lately, the journey of life feels futile. Ok, ok, it always felt futile but now there seems to be absolutely no meaning to it at all. What I have realised is that it is ok to pause for a bit, block other people’s judgement and opinions from my head and do what FEELS right instead of doing what is supposed to be politically correct.

In the movie, Dear Zindagi, SRK’s character tells Alia’s character that just because the journey seems harder does not mean it is the only way to do it. It is ok to take the easy way out. It is ok to take a longer route to get somewhere. And it is ok to take the time to become the person you are supposed to be when you reach the destination. The destination is not the end, there is more. And am I prepared for what comes next?

By the way, all of the above does have a context.

Let’s talk about something fun. How many people are still liking Game of Thrones? If you didn’t raise your hand, please unfollow. I am so tired of all the criticism thrown its way. It is a TV show. It is fantasy. When have the dots ever connected that you expect them to do so now? The books are massive with so much detailing and so many storylines that the show could compete with Kabhi Saas bhi bahu thi. Bringing everything together is going to feel rushed. Just chill and enjoy it.

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