I have been trying to blog for days now…

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… But life is busy right now and I am not a super woman so something is going to suffer. Let me start by wishing you a ‘Happy Friday’. If you are in Delhi NCR, it is raining right now and you are enjoying the weather. As much as I hated the rains in Mumbai, I like it when it rains here (once in a while).
In Mumbai, it rains for months… All day… It is such a drag. My house was full of fungus and there was nothing I can do about it. I could not wear heels or whites or light colors. Mumbaites love rains or maybe they have no option but to love it… So it works out for them.
What am I busy with?
– Last Sunday, KC and I went for lunch to the original Moti Mahal. He had been there with his colleague and raved about the butter chicken. We took the metro to Chawri Bazaar (on yellow line) and took a cycle rickshaw to the restaurant. Chawri Bazaar is a wholesale market and we crossed Jama Masjid on the way. The cycle guy did not know the way and we had to walk a few km. It took us 2 hours to reach and I was not happy. But…. The food was worth it. The butter chicken was yum. On the way back, we took an auto to New Delhi railway station metro and reached home in an hour. Moti Mahal is located on the main road in Daryaganj. It also has parking. You should either drive or take a metro to ND railway station metro. Next I want to visit the original Karims in old Delhi.

– This week has been awesome in terms of workout. I have finished 5 hours of workout already and have 1 more hour to go. To make it interesting, I planned 3 days of gym, 2 days of jogging and 2 days of Jazz. I go for jogs in the morning and gym/Jazz in evening. This way some mornings and some evenings are free. Lets hope I can keep it up.

There is more but I will come back later.

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  1. I love your work out schedule. Mine has dwindled again. Having a mix of different types of work outs can really keep you going. well done. How manyhours in total do you plan to work out each week?

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