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… not ‘coz I am busy… not at all. Life is relaxed and comfortable right now.

Coming to work, I have rejoined my old organization. Why? ‘Coz I never left because I had a disagreement or fallout or I didn’t think it was a decent place to work or ‘coz it paid less. I quit because I wanted to move to a metro location and it would have taken me years to get there. Anyway, I am back and its actually a good move. I already know the people… the product… category… and role. More importantly, the HO is in Gurgaon itself so I do not need to move.

I have started going to the gym and for jogging. I will be travelling quite a bit this month so a strict schedule will be followed next month onwards.

The only problem right now is the cook. I do not like her cooking and my constant criticism has chipped away at her confidence. Even things she used to cook well earlier have become worse. I also resent the fact that we are paying her quite a lot. Most of the time, I have to stand next to her and direct her… I end up cooking most of the meal. Her chappattis were the worst initially. The bare minimum expected are good rotis, daal, rice, regular sabji, parathas and poha. If a cook cannot get these right, it is time to find someone else. That is what I intend to do.

Adios then. I am off to savour a delicious pav bhaji for lunch.

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