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Its been a busy weekend… like, really, really packed. So packed that I didn’t have time for grocery shopping and we have run out not just of necessities (curd/fruits/veggies/rice) but also of junk (Haldiram’s bhujia- my only indulgence/maggi).

I didn’t workout last week at all. It is very difficult for me to get into the mode after a break. The gym was closed for maintenance  last weekend and well, I managed to rejoin only on Friday. And that also because of TRX and A. A is the trainer for TRX who is super hot. But, thats not the motivation because all trainers are hot even if they are not good looking. During every exercise he goes to each person and either corrects their form or tells them ‘excellent’ which is so motivating. Hell, he makes me want to do 10 burpees just for him… and I hate burpees. TRX is the only class which makes me sore. I come home at 9.30 pm and go straight to bed. It has also been a week on indulgence. I have eaten burgers, had cold drinks, pizza, dessert, popcorn (the movie wala not healthy kinds), maggi… all the stuff I wasn’t supposed to eat. But its ok. We live, make mistakes and learn.

Last week I met a friend from Mumbai. We were both in Ghaziabad on the same day and went shopping at Select City Walk after work. This always happens to me… a friend will tell me she wants to shop. We will enter a shop I generally don’t really shop at… I will try something on, fall in love and well, buy it. While the friend will not buy anything… from any store.

Burger King has opened in Delhi and I don’t want to give it free publicity but Delhi people are crazy. This is what happens… international brand comes to Delhi- Sephora/Krispy Kreme/Bobbi Brown/Burger King and there will be queues. Twitter was buzzing last week with Burger King… and no, they didn’t pay for the publicity. There was a stand up comedian who was in Delhi from Mumbai and made sure he had the burgers. The queue outside Burger King stretched to 2 floors on weekends. Though with all due credit, the wait was not long and managed well. And the burgers are not even the best I have eaten. Try Smokeys Bar and Grill (Cyber Hub) for yummy burgers.

And few months later, it is old news, nobody will care and the stores will be empty. Thats how fickle Delhites are. I am not bitching… just stating a fact.

We watched Hamlet: The Clown Prince on Saturday and OMG… it is the best thing I have seen in a while… or even in my entire life. You can check out the review here. I am in love with Neil Bhoopalam. Don’t know him? He was ‘Aditya Singhania’ in ’24’… the politician Anil Kapoor is trying to protect from getting killed. Neil plays a clown who messes up his lines… breaks into a dance at every opportunity… and plays Hamlet’s father/the ghost and Hamlet’s uncle in the play. Please do watch it when it is in your city. And I got to speak to Rajat Kapoor. Yay!!!

On Sunday we watched ‘Nothing like Lear’ and it was a one man act. Vinay Pathak is the best actor I know. I mean, he is good in movies… but on stage? There is nobody like him. Nobody. Its true when they say; “Theatre keeps the actor in you alive”.

It was anti climatic when we watched ‘Kill Dil’ after a super awesome play. What a contrast. We walked out after 2 hours because I’d rather be asleep at 12.30 am than watching a super crap movie. The drive back was torture since we got stuck in the worst traffic. 12 am is when the trucks travel towards Gurgaon and onwards so there is generally traffic but with some construction work going on the expressway it was sheer hell. We were hungry, tired, irritated, sleepy and stuck. I just started playing my ADHM playlist and grooving to the music. What are you going to do, right? So, there I was… a strange sight… headbanging to music in the car at 12.30 am stuck in traffic.

On Saturday, my mom called… I haven’t spoken to her since May, I think. She said she called to say ‘Hi’ because we haven’t spoken in a while and then hung up soon after since the play was about to begin. I freaked out because my mom never does anything ‘just like that’. I called my brother who was clueless (as usual) and then dad, who blurted out that mom may come to Delhi in Dec for something. Apparently, mom wanted to keep it a secret till it was confirmed but dad didn’t know her plan and blurted things out.

KC- You are really scared of her, aren’t you?

I wanted to say this but then didn’t – This is the calm before the storm. When she comes, we will fight… and then you will have to console me when am heartbroken/hurt/depressed/hurt/angry/frustrated… and watch me for days moping around. So, be afraid… be very afraid. This is the conflict I have been avoiding all year and it’s now knocking at my door.


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