I hate dirty fans

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The first time a dirty fan bothered me was in the government hostel during my engg. I had never come across one before that. Every morning when I woke up and every night when I went to asleep the first and last views would be of the dirty fan. I would even see it in my dreams. Finally, I decided to do something about it. I cleaned it. This continued even in B school hostel.

I cannot sleep under a dirty fan, atleast not for more than a month.
The agenda for this month was cleaning the bedroom fan but somehow I was too busy. Last weekend KC was supposed to help me out with it. My height is a hindrance to cleaning. Anyway, today I was determined. The cobwebs on ceiling and the dirty fan would have to go. I asked my maid to come late. She comes at 7 am even on Sundays and cleans while I sleep. The session began at 9 am and continued till 12 noon. I cleaned and cleaned and cleaned. Whew!!! After lunch it was gym time and then some shopping.
I wonder how women do it… keep their homes spic and span. I can manage it on Sundays only when KC is not around. Once he shifts here the cleaning will go out of the window. I sincerely hope he can join me on the cleaning mission but that is a lost mission already.

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