I fell in love with Naples – Part 2

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After the underground tour we had pizzas and shopped a little. Since our train was late evening we had lots of time to kill and not much to do. I called the volcano tour guy to check on the time and cost and when he said it costs 50 euros we decided to give it a miss. This was a good decision in hindsight. We killed time in the Toledo area and headed to the station. I find it interesting how stations have shops so people can hang out, spend money and kill time while they wait. This is not the case in the New York subway, at least it wasn’t in 2008. Why it is interesting is because DMRC is working towards making this happen at Delhi metro. They have done it with Epicuria Mall at Nehru Place metro station and plan to replicate the same wherever they can. In fact, they have stopped renewing the contracts of tiny eateries so that the space can be given to branded outlets. I, obviously, cannot take names because some of these chains are clients. 

At 7 pm we realised our train has been delayed by 35 mins. At the inquiry counter the guy was very rude and directed us to another customer counter. There we were informed the train has been delayed by 55 mins. This was quite a WTF because we were really tired and still had to change trains at Latina, some 30 mins from Rome. We decided to pay extra- 19.5 euros so we could go on the same train to Rome. Basically, we spent 700 bucks/head for a 30 mins journey and the earlier ticket was not refundable. 

And it didn’t end there. When things are not going well, everything goes downhill. We boarded the bus at 10.30 pm for the house from termini. The bus didn’t stop at our stop, I don’t know why. We got off at the last stop and walked all the way back.

During the day when KC thanked me for a great b’day I said “atleast wait till the day ends”. I guess I had a premonition.

But all in all, Naples is a great city. It has a Goa vibe and I would love to come again and spend 2-3 days here. Rome actually feels sort of dull and boring compared to Naples.

*I am not writing about the food right now because I will do a separate post at the end of the trip*

Next post – Colosseum, Roman Forum and Palatine hill.

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