I drove my car

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I drove my car… Yoohoo!!!

Just got back from a late night drive with Rohan and his wife Neha.
Driving is tiring with the instructor. He does not let me go beyond a speed of 20 kmph… advises me at every move… and observes every action. It seems like a chore.
I wasn’t confident about taking my own car on the road. I requested Rohan to accompany me and he readily agreed. After dinner, we set out. I did not hit anyone or anything. Everyone is alive and safe. Kudos to me!!!

It felt nice to feel the cool wind in my hair… we stopped for ice cream while Neha and Rohan bickered like the newly married couple that they are… it was kinda cute and I was not jealous.

Finally… there is a purpose and aim in my life.

6 thoughts on “I drove my car

  1. It’s marvellous the way you appreciate every little joy in life. One can’t help but love that spirit.

    BTW, what is the purpose and aim you have in life now?

  2. @Anonymous: Thanks… nobody has said that to me before. My aim and purpose in life is to be an expert driver

    @Merlin: Yeah… driving is fun and rejuvenating

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