I can't run, but I can walk

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I have been reading Parul Seth’s book ‘The Running Soul’ and it’s like reading my experience with running at every page… every paragraph… every sentence… every word.

My foot pain has gone but the physiotherapist has not yet given the go ahead for running. I decided to take a walk today and test out my feet. Are they ok? Does it hurt anymore? Can I atleast walk 4 km if not run?

The weather is super dreamy. I hate the rains… ugh… so much ugh. But love it when it stops raining then it’s all green, clean and the sun is out.

As soon as I hit the road around the house the endorphins hit me. When am home and taking a break from running I forget what it feels like… hitting the road… breathing the clean, fresh air, my body just waiting to push itself and sweat it out. I love to run but walking has it’s own charms. I don’t notice little details while running…. The music barely registers in my head… and I never sing along. But when am walking all this is possible.

After the walk (no pain- YAY) I didn’t want to go back home so I sat around the tennis court and read the book. Now that summers are arriving it’s time to spend time outdoors-

  • running – as soon as I get the go ahead… need to start training for the full marathon
  • swimming – the pool opens in April
  • biking – Haven’t touched a bicycle since school. I don’t want to spend money on it and then not be able to ride it. Let’s see. According to KC, nobody forgets how to ride a cycle. Is that true?
  • Tennis – R suggested he and I pay a coach for 2 mornings every week so it’s cheaper. I am thinking of taking him up on his offer. Tennis might be fun. And I guess it’s good to know something about atleast one sport

The endorphins from the walk lasted long enough for me to cook an omelette. My cook has the special talent of butchering the most regular dishes. So I tried making an omelette yesterday and we ended up having 1 scrambled egg and a 2nd broken one with negligible salt. Today I was determined to flip the omelette correctly. And well, I didn’t. BUT it tasted awesome with the oregano.. and so soft.

New goal in life – To be able to flip the omelette correctly and cook the best omelette of my life.

I leave you with some pics.


This is where I start the run






The omelette- before



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