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Hiya… watched this flick on Friday night. Was disappointed. I had read extremely good reviews.
The movie is about 4 people- 4 stories which are not linked with each other.
Story no 1: Nandita Das is divorced and looking for a sperm donor. For some reason, she is not looking too good in the movie. She looks fine in her recent photographs. Anyway, she meets Purab who is her sperm donor. End of story.
Story no 2: Juhi travels to Srinagar to sell off her ancestral property. She has to confront the past which has made her bitter. Manisha is her friend and is looking good. Thank god, she has lost all the excess weight.
Story no 3: Sanjay Suri is gay and was abused as a kid by his father. He is expected to attend his father’s funeral but does not want to.
Story no 4: Rahul Bose is gay and meets Arjun Mathur. They start making out in his car when the cop catches him. He has to pay him a bribe of 50k to get out of the situation.
I wish the movie was about only 1 of the above stories and as an audience I could connect with it. The last 2 stories had more impact compared to first two.
Avoidable. The acting is great but not the concept.

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  1. Gay is a concept the society is still grappling with, hence many writers are making stories out of it just because they can write a few words. It will take a while to get meaningful stories.

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