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Hiya, its 8 am and I have been up for an hour already. Sigh. Why does this happen on a weekend instead of weekday?
Last weekend, we went to Cyber Hub for dinner. Cyber City in Gurgaon is the area which has mainly offices. They also have many good restaurants which are packed on weekdays but empty during weekends. They cater mainly to employees in the buildings since parking is a problem. Cyber Hub is an open area with many, many restaurants, pubs etc. We went for dinner to Nandos. I have heard great things about the chicken there and wanted to try it. After 20 mins of waiting, we were seated. The place was packed with families- most with kids. It was complete chaos, like a fish market, and I could hear the conversation in the open kitchen (we were seated as far away from the kitchen as possible). The waiter didnt take our order and we had to remind him twice. Then, water was not served (hate that, why are they so stingy with water?), then he brought 1 glass only… Went back and brought the other one.
We ordered chicken wings is peri peri sauce and 1 of the 3 main course dishes. Both tasted the same … They had peri peri sauce drizzled over them and we could not taste anything else. Plus, I didnt like the sauce too much. Horrible dinner. Never going back again.
The couple next to us had a few months old kid. The lady was complaining that she does not like going out with the kid anywhere since this is how he behaves. Lady, if you take such a small kid out at 11 pm instead of putting him to sleep, what do you expect? The other day we saw another couple with a few months old kid at 11 pm movie show. Parenting is going down the drain (not that the previous generation has been doing it well).
Another trend I really hate is taking the maid everywhere. Cant you take care of your child for one evening instead of dragging the maid everywhere? At Nandos, one family made the maid sit at the waiting area while they had dinner at the table. Why cant she join you? Then, a lot of families just make them carry heavy bags, cycles etc. Horrible.
My cook is pretty good, except when she takes leave and asks for a raise. I am paying her as high as I think the job deserves. I hate it when they do this… Agree to join at a particular salary and then ask for a raise 3 months later. Why join then?

I need to put this here- women, velvet tracks are out (even if they are juicy couture) and wearing them to malls, grocery shops, movies, restaurants makes you look silly. Please stop wearing them… Even the celebrities do not wear them any more.

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  1. Haven’t come to your space in a long time. You inspire me to get off my b*tt and start running and exercising and stuff. Thankfully, I have joined fitness first and I hope to bring back my enthu for exercising again.

    • I have heard a lot of good things about Fitness First. Only problem it is quite expensive. You are already doing so many things- work, mom, cooking, writing…. Whew!!!! Keep going.

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