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  • Samsung is a great company with good products and good service. We have a TV, AC, Fridge and washing machine which have not given any problems in the last one year. The fridge freezer door broke down because I do not defrost it often. One call and the engineer was at home with the door the next day at my convenient time. Wow!!! I am a fan for life.
  • I am reading the blog of someone I knew in college. She was a friend’s friend and is on my facebook list. I cannot believe there are soooo many dimensions to this lady. Blogs reveal sooo much
  • Watching Koffee with Karan and my initial thoughts about Ranbir and Imran… ‘Ranbir- Cold, manipulative, competitive, spoilt brat, playboy but a good actor. Is he a scorpion?’ ‘Imran- Kiddish, cool, sweet, friendly, innocent and still to mature as a actor’
  • Diwali bakshish works. I have given it to my maid, cook, laundry guy and trusted watchman. They have all seemed happy and grateful to receive it
  • You need to have time by yourself to be able to blog well- without TV, laptop, books or any other activity. I tend to do atleast 2 activities together at any point of time and thats why blogging is suffering. Ditto for KC


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  1. could have mentioned my blog address against the point ( assuming that point was refering to my blog) :-)!!
    I started blogging after I had Mimi and quit my job. I am a newbie on the blogging scene. So far am enjoying it!!!:-)

    I have read almost all of your posts now. That you take time out to write about what you feel even after a hard day at work ( considering that you are in sales, I am sure each day is a hard day)is commendable! Well done. I hope you get well soon.

  2. @Anita: Thats nice.I have added your blog to my blog roll. I slept last night only after reading your entire blog. Good work

    @ RT: Lol… There are companies like Dell and Sony which also provide good service in laptops…so Samsung is out and it is nice to spread out your risks. I do not want to expect TOO much… 😛

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