I am sorry I have neglected the blog

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This blog has been neglected all month…. first ‘coz of illness, then I got a little busy with KC and also the net was not working for a few days in between.

I have started my work out session from today. The illness had interrupted the schedule. I have not followed the diet plan (or healthy eating) all month and I pledge to start again from tomorrow.
I have given in to all indulgences this month… whether it is chicken, potatoes, Mc D’s burgers, cold drinks, fried junk etc.
Today is the last day of Ganesh Visarjan and we had half day off. Entire Mumbai is closed, there is traffic and crowds on the roads.
While gymming I was looking at the time on the panel and getting bored, then the songs of Udaan (Geet) came on and it took me back to my school days. I have downloaded the movie and plan to watch it again tonight. Some movies need to be watched a second time… I can concentrate on little things since I already know the story. Aisha is another flick I want to watch again.
The first scenes in Udaan is about 4 friends who go to watch a porn flick and get caught. They are running towards the school when 1 of them falls and hurts his ankle. He asks the rest to run back and save themselves but they refuse and carry him with them. They are caught, of course. Would any of us do that now for friends??? How many friends we would do it for?
I remember telling my mom when I was just out of school; “I will always be there for X.. no matter what. All she has to do is call”. Those words sound so immature. After all, would she even call me when in trouble? But the best thing about my boarding school was that a lot of times the whole class took punishments instead of one person. We didn’t give out the person’s name who played the prank and happily stood by each other. I don’t know if the authorities were happy to see this value or was it frustrating for them.
This weekend KC and I went for dinner to Kareem’s. We have been meaning to try out the restaurant for more than month now. On Sundays they do not serve regular kebabs… they offer 4 varieties of kebabs not on the menu. The peshawari chicken was the best kebab I have EVER tasted… soft, spicy…. yum. The chicken just melted in my mouth and I swooned with every bite. The kadai veg and chicken biryani were also good. The service is horrible, though… atleast in the Vashi outlet. I am not sure about the other branches. The surprise was when they brought the bill… the kebab cost 550 bucks… In the menu the kebabs were for 130 bucks and platter for around 400-500. I realized we had been fleeced. Yes… the kebabs were good but I doubt we (atleast me) would have ordered them if we knew 4 pcs cost 550 bucks. I was pissed off and have decided to ALWAYS ask the price before ordering.
On sat we (I) drove to Kharghar (as KC’s chauffeur) and took a walk. I like Kharghar… the roads are nice, the center with the fountain looks beautiful at night, it is peaceful, there is no traffic. Dinner was at a Nerul restaurant where they play live music. I was hoping for western music but they were Jagjit songs which was a downer. The food was good and I had liquor after soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo long. I really crave to get drunk and high… it has been so long but I have to drive and cannot take the risk.
Will be back with more updates…
PS: I have enrolled in this library in Dombiwali which delivers books at home. The collection is huge with latest books added every month (Shobha De’s new book is already part of the collection) and they also stock magazines. Monthly cost is around 250 bucks (depending on plan chosen) plus 500 bucks deposit. They deliver in all parts of Mumbai. The website is http://www.friendslibrary.in/

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