I am going green

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Green was the theme of the day…

Me: So…I went to Vodafone store… then to Croma… wanted to finish most of the work today… so I can relax tomorrow
KC: Were you an ant in your last birth?
Me: Sigh!!! I need to be active… don’t know why
  • Cooked Sai Bhaji…which is a famous, typical Sindhi dish. “Sai” in Sindhi means green. The veg is made of spinach and channa dal. It is generally eaten with rice… but can be eaten with roti as well. It was my first attempt at making it… and turned out very very well. My cooking has improved… a lot. I don’t know if it is the practice or the enthusiasm. My mom always said that the feelings while cooking are reflected in the taste of the food cooked. I used to cook in Gurgaon also… but to kill time. It gave me something to do once I returned from work.
  • There are 2 balconies in my house… one in the living room and one in the bedroom. The bedroom balcony is used for drying clothes. 2 balconies in a 1 bhk flat is a luxury in Mumbai. The living room balcony becomes dirty and it is not possible to get it cleaned every day or even every week. I decided to decorate it with plants. Another problem is.. the balcony faces an inner road due to which sunlight falls directly here. Plants will help cool it. I am a virgin at this… lets see how it turns out. I hope the plants don’t die on me within a week. Any tips? The final touch was a wind chime. I love wind chimes.

2 thoughts on “I am going green

  1. Ouch!!! That hurt… as you can see I need distractions like these to while away time… and keep unnecessary thoughts away… Don’t worry…I will keep them alive… Promise

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