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Hiya… I am back… the laptop is back… and I keep expecting it to start acting up again.

It was a hectic day…I travelled from Mulund to Kalyan to Bhiwandi to Kalyan to Thane to Vikhroli.
KC was sweet enough to get me some wine and even rub my feet. Sigh!!! Pure bliss.
What have I been upto? The usual.. work and stuff. Nothing has changed except:
  • I met with an accident ‘coz I followed the traffic rules. The light turned green, I had to turn right, another car cut across and turned right. The light turned yellow… I slowed a little… it turned red… I stopped. The car behind hit me. WTF!!! The driver argued that I stopped suddenly.. which is insane. I got penalized for stopping at the traffic light??? The traffic policemen didn’t bother to check out what the commotion is about and asked us to go to the police station. The driver pretended his car needed to be repaired… didn’t come along to the police station. The cops sent a hawaldar to bring the driver along but predictably, he had run off. We decided to leave too. The cops were deliberately making us wait. I’d rather bear the 1500 bucks of repair than wait for hours without a solution. KC said; “What a fuck all day” and yet it didn’t seem so bad… I mean I could think of worst days. What a strange life… an accident is the least of my troubles
  • The laptop was gone for 15 torturous days. I managed to catch up on my reading but missed the internet sorely. I didn’t feel like blogging on the official laptop or through the phone. It doesn’t feel the same.
  • The cook was 30% through cooking the dinner when the gas cylinder got over. She urged me to borrow one from the neighbour (she cooks in their house). I refused. I was surprised she even suggested. I am on “Hi hello” terms with the neighbour and borrowing something seemed strange. The cook was surprised… I asked her to pack the half cooked food and take it home while we ordered take out. The cylinder lasted me 9 months… which is great.
  • I wish cricket matches would end… I was so happy when India lost thinking KC would lose interest… but that has not happened. He watches the match late into the night while I am asleep
  • I just got the news that in one of the contests I have been named best ASM for Modern trade. My team members are in the top 5 in India. It all sounds great… but like Heidi Klum says in Project Runway; “In fashion, one day you are in and the next day you are out”… sales is like that… targets happen … you are the Boss… they don’t… you are a loser.
  • I just discovered that the neighbour below is totally paranoid. On Sunday morning the maid and I decide to clean the bedroom balcony while KC is snoring away. She pours water and starts sweeping. A neighbour calls on the intercom asking me to stop throwing water in the balcony. Her clothes are drying out and the water is ruining them. I politely tell her that the balcony is getting washed and it cannot be cleaned without water. After the cleaning is done… I receive another call from another neighbour complaining about the water. I offer her apologies and decide to call neighbours before cleaning the house. Today morning I receive a call from the same neighbour (1st one) asking me to stop throwing water. I tell her nobody is throwing water.. maybe it is the AC. She does not believe me. I ask her to come home and check it for herself. Watching KC sleep in the bedroom would surely freak her out (he has not shaved in days). She hangs up. I am expecting another call tomorrow at 7 am.

Thats all for now.

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