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Hey… I am alive and kicking in Mumbai. Its been a month since I posted… a month which has been one of the toughest periods of my life.
Why? Its not about parting with KC and living alone… I have not even had time to think about that.
Let me begin at the beginning.
I came to Mumbai on 2nd Nov… KC and I got our registration and police verification done. On 3rd our stuff was supposed to reach. Guess what? It didn’t turn up and I kept getting different updates from Agarwal Movers and Packers… someone told me it would arrive by 12 pm, another guy said it would come on 4th Nov and a 3rd person confirmed 5th Nov. At 2 pm, we got an update that the truck has reached Nasik and will arrive on 4th.. not before that. Agarwal MnP sucks… I am never hiring them again. On Sunday, we unpacked and tried to finish as much as possible. It was exhausting. KC left for Gurgaon on 6th. Thats when trouble started. First, there was a fight with the guard since he was very, very rude and told me; “I am not an agent for sourcing maids… find a maid yourself”. Now, the most important person in any building is the guard… he is the one who helps residents for everything- plumber, electrician, cable, internet, maid, cook etc etc. I was shocked and complained to the owner (who lives in the same building). The owner was non committal. Second, after numerous follow up Tata Sky guys came to the house for installation. The guard refused to let them in since it was past 7 pm. I was again surprised since I was unaware about any such rule. The owner told me no work is allowed after 7 pm on weekdays and on Sundays. This sounded ridiculous. How am I supposed to know building rules if the owner does not mention them or write them in the agreement? I asked the owner to tell me all the rules. One of them is that if friends stay over for more than 2 days I need to get their police verification done. Which means that if you are my friend and come to visit me for a week I will have to take you to the police station along with your documents and then submit the NOC to the building. The owner and I had a major disagreement on this. KC and I had both gone to the police station for a verification… we are responsible for our friends when they stay over. I decided to move out.
The search for another house started. I decided to move to the eastern suburbs- either Mulund or Powai since I have stayed there earlier. Luckily, I found the perfect flat on Diwali day… for a lower rent. I was excited. The house was huge, had a balcony and very good view. Perfect. The only problem was the owner had to get some leakage issue resolved and wanted 15 days. I wanted to move in immediately but decided to wait. After 2 weeks, the owner was non committal about the exact date when the issue would be resolved. I had to ultimately cancel the flat and find a new one. The only problem was I had a week to move out from the previous flat. For 2 days, I traveled from Lower Parel (after work) to Mulund and then back to Andheri. There were no 1 bhk available in Mulund. The one flat I liked was given to another family. On Wednesday, with no other options left I agreed to a 2 bhk at the same rent. I did not even like the flat but had no other option.
I shifted in on Saturday and things have looked up since then:

  • TV has been installed… still waiting for the Tata Sky guys to turn up
  • Bedroom has been set up
  • Set up the kitchen today
  • Got the wardrobe and dressing table set up
  • Internet has been set up
  • Found a maid
  • Finally gave a bundle of 75 clothes for ironing
The only things left are:
  • Cable
  • Book shelf
  • Footwear
  • Home theatre
  • Gas connection
  • Unpack 2-3 cartons
I am really liking the flat… its huge with 2 bathrooms… has a separate space for drying clothes… overlooks hills from all rooms… except it is too lonely and silent. 
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6 thoughts on “I am alive

  1. The problem is that the whole city of Mumbai is so backward and narrow minded that rules such as this can even be put in place.

  2. I love how you have your priorities wonderfully sorted out. Such clarity in thinking is a blessing.
    Moving cities is very very challenging and within India it would be akin to moving countries. Even the culture and everything attached is so different from the other. It takes a whole lot of adjusting and compromise to start feeling at home.

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