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RT and me were discussing about piracy the other day. She never watches movies on pirated CDs. I do not buy pirated books… now that I can afford to buy the originals.

But, I have no qualms about watching a pirated movie. Here are the reasons:
  • Isn’t it insane to pay 250 bucks for a flop movie like Dil toh Bacha hai jee? I mean…shouldn’t the rates vary basis the potential? Add another 150 bucks for popcorn… 400 bucks per head is insane. I’d rather download and watch it when I am bored
  • The DVD of ‘Being Cyrus’ cost me 500 bucks and the movie was crap. Why would anyone price it so high? Especially when the movie was a flop
  • Atleast a book worth 500 bucks has more than 500 pages… atleast there is quantity if quality is not guaranteed
  • And the price of books does not fluctuate on basis of the reputation of writer…so, Chetan Bhagat’s books will always be priced around 200 bucks no matter how many books he sells. The price will not shoot up suddenly
  • I read that a particular movie’s songs were being sold at minimum price online… 10 bucks per song to prevent piracy. Why will I pay 10 bucks for something that I can download for free? It is not about the price but the fact that something is available for FREE
  • These days, movies make money even before their release… they sell distribution rights for theatre release, global release and TV release. Why should my 250 bucks add to the profits if the filum is not worth it? For books, the only source of profit is sales
I think piracy is good… it keeps the movie industry on its toes and pushes them to make “good” movies.

6 thoughts on “I advocate piracy

  1. chetan bhagat’s last book was proced @75 bucks….
    In US, its been a total change in movie watching w.r.t pirated ones….I pay just 10 USD pm…for unlimited online and dvds of grt quality…and the titles covered are really really good….I nvr thought I wld…but I am loving watching paid on-demand mvies in Netflix here…wonder if theres anything like this in india….

  2. Love the new BG and the new photo crop. Personally would have preferred the whole photo.

    A refreshing change and color palatte is stunning.

    About Piracy, hmmm…its highly debateable. Though I won’t advocate piracy at the risk of sounding a hypocrite, I myself indulge in a lot of file sharing which is supporting piracy in an indirect way.

    But it is subject to a lot of conditions such as , if I download a the season of Friends from the internet, which has run and re-run thousands of times on all possible channels, would that amount to supporting piracy ? While, if I download songs from mp3 sites for my ipod collection, thats most definitely advocating piracy.

    Its all the shades of grey. As far as we are not stepping the line too much alls okay with the world.

  3. I still think there is something creative that’s being done by these artists and if you are anyways going to watch it on laptop why not rent a DVD which comes out pretty soon after a movie release.
    And you need to make a choice – if you want to watch a movie as soon as it releases you pay a price(130 in chennai to upto 400 in mumbai)
    or you can wait a few weeks and watch it on a rental DVD, the movie won’t change.
    Remember there is a premium for every privilege u get.

  4. @ Joydeep: Nice… but thats ‘coz piracy laws are strict in the USA. Why will I pay for something I can watch for free in India?

    @ Anita: Thanks… I wanted some change in the blog and blogger has new, convenient features. Hmm..maybe I should display the whole pic… that will help me get more hits :P. As for piracy, it is grey ‘coz we don’t have laws in India.
    I take my time to post the comments ‘coz I do from the laptop and not my phone.

    @ RT: But I have a way around it… I can watch it for free at home as soon as the movie releases. Thanks on the look.

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