How to get out of a party

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All parties are boring. All these random people clustered in one room eating junk, drinking junk, talking about dumb stuff and whiling their time away. I wouldn’t care if I wasn’t expected to participate.

Which part of “I am not a party person” do people not understand?

Here are all the excuses I have used to get out of a party:

  • I don’t want to party.

Why is saying “No” considered rude? I’d prefer to be around people who want to be around. What is the point of forcing someone into doing something they don’t want to?

  • I have to go for a run in the morning

I am so glad I run. Nobody can argue with this.

  • I am sleepy

For me, late = 11 pm. I like to be tucked in bed by 10 pm. I may be awake but will be reading or writing or watching Netflix. Any of these are better than a party

  • I have to go to the gym

People are surprised when I pick my gym over them. But that is only because they haven’t seen my gym. It is awesome. It is the best place in the world.

  • I don’t drink

I don’t drink = I do drink but am going to pretend like I don’t so I can get the fuck out of here

  • I live in Gurgaon and cannot be out late

I do live in Gurgaon but can be out late alone if am driving. But am not going to tell you that. Thanks Gurgaon for being unsafe. I get to come home on time and sleep on time.

Good night. I need to get my ass off the bed at 6 am and go for a run.


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