How to get back to running after a break

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Break = 10 days

This post will be written in the third person

Start chanting “I am going to run tomorrow” during dinner itself. Keep repeating it when you go to bed. Continue to repeat when you wake up.

Plan to run on Saturday and Sunday so you can’t postpone Saturday run to Sunday.

Decide to join the running group so you get out of bed.

Damn. The group has shifted the run from GFR (walking distance from your house) to somewhere far away. You don’t have the car so can’t join them. Even with the car, there is little chance you will drive at 6 am.

Buzz M and check if he is running. Maybe he can pick you up.

Damn. M is working late. BUT, he would like to run in the vicinity late morning. Sounds perfect.

Oh no, M is working late and won’t wake up early for the run.

Decide to go for the run alone. KC will make enough noise in the morning to wake you up at 6.30 am so turn off the alarm.

Give the day off to the cook. Ask the maid to come late.

Wake up with a scream when KC tries you hug you with icy cold hands before he leaves for cricket at 6.30 am.

Fall asleep.

Wake up with a jolt at 7.30 am. Shit, you are late.

Calculate backwards. If the maid has to come at 10 am, you can leave at 8.30 am for a slow and easy 10 km.

Realise that GFR and MG road are out because there will be traffic at 8.30 am. Galleria does not sound exciting. Decide to run to Bio D, run a loop inside and run back. Slow and easy 10 km with lots of slopes.

Run 10 km.

Feel happy. Wonder if you can do a duathlon tomorrow (Sunday) – 10 km run followed by 10 km of cycling.

Start chanting “Duathlon” as soon as you get back home.


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