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So many people have questioned my instagram posts on indulgence which are then followed by fitness related posts.

For some reason people can’t think of both at the same time. That you can indulge and yet, try to get fit. If you think you can deny yourself in the year end, you are setting yourself up for failure. The objective should be balance.

Am I model? No.

A fitness trainer? No.

An athlete? No.

I am just a normal human being trying to get fit. Will 3 spoons of Gajar ka halwa ruin my fitness levels? Definitely not. Instead, they will satisfy me and make me focus better on eating right at other times.

Here are some tips to stay on track in the year end:

  • Workout everyday. No matter what. The temptation to skip is very high. There are fewer runners on the road and gyms are empty. Take advantage of that. I am surrounded by people who don’t stop working out because it is year end. Winters = late morning run. How great is that.
  • Repeat after me “A small piece of cake or few spoons of gajar ka halwa will not kill me or my fitness goals”. Now you can deny yourself and feel miserable or indulge and feel happy.
  • Eating heavy at one meal? Go light at another. The other day we went for breakfast at Old Delhi and had kachori, aloo sabji bedmi puri, nagori, shahi tukda, choley bhature, chana kulcha. For lunch, I made sure to cook at home instead of ordering in. What did I have for dinner? Nothing. I skipped dinner. Last night I had a healthy smoothie for dinner. Balance it out. Stop feeling guilty. The breakfast outing was planned by me. The indulgence was planned and am not going to let anyone make me feel guilty for it.
  • Intermittent fasting. This has helped a lot. I can decide when to fast if am planning to indulge. When I had a party to attend (to which I couldn’t make it ultimately), I did the usual 16 hours fast skipping breakfast. When we had to go for breakfast, I skipped dinner the previous night. Simple.
  • In Old Delhi, we ordered 1 plate of each item between the 4 of us. So, 2 kachoris, 2 bedmi puris, 2 nagori etc were shared by 4 people. That is less than 500 calories/person in 7-8 dishes. Eating in a group helps. There are more people to share the food. It wasn’t planned that way. It just happened. None of us are big eaters. We have small appetites.
  • Every calorie consumed at that walk was burned with a 8 km run. All that remains are the beautiful memories, a satisfaction, great pics and people trying to guilt trip.

Denying yourself means you have an unhealthy relationship with food and don’t trust yourself around food. Learn to balance. It is ok if am not losing weight in the year end as long as am not gaining it.

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