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Some days you go to the blog and other days, the blog calls out to you.

Maybe it it the hormones making me feel uneasy. Maybe it is the loneliness. Maybe it is everything. It is hard to differentiate.

Some days you just want to burst into tears for no reason at all. But there is mind numbing work to be done. You will be alone only at 10 pm and by then you will be too tired to even bother.

Do we even have friends anymore or are they people we interact with most frequently because they are least asshole-y? Some days every relationship is evaluated and weighed to the last detail. The most recent ones are expected to end the fastest. And the oldest ones cling on as habits despite the lack of effort.

This post says nothing. It means nothing. But it hurts to write. Maybe it IS the hormones.

One day merging into the next without purpose or meaning. The waiting… hoping… more waiting and hoping.

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