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Hiya…. for the first time the house looks like a home instead of a bachelor pad. It looks cozy, nice, warm, welcoming and filled…

Below are some pics:
Dining room which is part of the living room. No changes made here… the ugly curtains are given by the broker of the landlord. We didn’t bother buying new ones. The biggest struggle here is to keep the dining table clutter free. I have to clear it every morning and night. The fridge was near the dining table which has been moved to the kitchen. I love the big windows and balcony.

This is the living room with the new recliner leather couch. The couch and TV unit are both new purchases.


The newly renovated room. Until now, it was filled with trash… loads and loads and loads of bags. We stored them here. On Friday night, all the trash was removed… the sofa cum bed was moved here from the living room… the cupboard and dressing table were purchased in Mumbai almost 2 years back. Ideally, this room should have been the bedroom since it has an attached bathroom. But I wanted the bedroom to have a balcony. Also, the other room which is the bedroom has more cupboards and a dressing table. I have always wanted a study where you can lounge around and this room is exactly that place. KC and I have spent the entire day here… we have books in the small shelf, a TV with DTH, playstation. The curtains are short but I am not going to buy new ones. Don’t really care… I guess, only a bachelor/spinster pad can have such curtains.

The reason we have 2 TVs is that… we are awfully rich. Kidding… we bought the smaller TV while shifting to Mumbai. Then a few months later I got the bigger TV from the company for meeting targets. So… now we have 2.

The kitchen has become very cluttered because the fridge has been moved here. The microwave was actually placed where the fridge is now. Don’t mind the laptop and rest of the clutter… KC had just tried cooking sabudana khichdi… his first attempt at anything in the kitchen.

This is the bedroom… I was adamant that there should be no TV in this room… We would have spent all the time here and it would be cluttered all the time. I like going in this room just to get clothes and to sleep. There is a big balcony also. The good part is the room faces the east and sun rises from here. The harsh sun rays wakes us up early. Btw, that dolphin on the bed has been my companion for the last 4 years. I cannot sleep without it.


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