Hola!!! It is a Sunday

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Happy new month!!!

Feb was a frustrating month. Sometimes I felt I was living in a pressure cooker. But I plan to take it easy this week. Lot of planning and spending money this month and next… but totally worth it.

I have a school reunion today in Mumbai. I don’t know how many will turn up… I don’t know if it is confirmed or not… lets just say nobody has called to cancel it which is a good sign.

I studied in an all girls convent school. It has an important role to play in who I am today. The best part was there were no guys (atleast not in the school) to disrupt our lifestyle. We were never aware that we are girls or had limitations or were different or not as good as anybody.
Let me rephrase that- we grew up believing we are equals to anybody else… we talked what we liked… we dreamed of living for ourselves… we were taught to question “why” before following anything… specially stupid, mindless traditions.
To cite an example; during Teacher’s day or any other function… everything was done by us.. planning… organizing… raising money… decorations… etc. For decorations we would climb on the tall ladders to reach the tin roof (it rains heavily in Mt Abu). In a Co-Ed school this would have been done by the guys with the girls left to worry whether their bra straps are showing or not.
I am not saying all my school mates made it big in life… but in their own way they are different. They may lead a life just like their cousins… married and with kids… and yet they have a streak of independence… they are different.
I am not saying girls from co-ed turn out to be bimbos… but teenage life is a little easier when guys are not around… you can be yourself without getting too self conscious or insecure.

No major plans for today… need to re-stock on books… may watch an English movie or may wait till KC is here to watch it with him… need to see a doctor this month to get my eyes checked (I get a headache almost every evening)… need to eat non-veg.. my dietitian thinks I don’t consume enough protein (Yes.. I have a dietitian.. more on that later)…

Betty.. call and confirm (No.. no… she does not read this blog… I am using telepathy here even though she is one phone call away).

Have you noticed how the success of a person is never related to their attitude? Strange… you don’t have to be a good person or even an honest one to be successful… on the contrary. Thats why I never have idols. And a successful person does not need to have original ideas to prove he has talent.

I would like to quote Ritu here who had written on Gitanjali’s wall on Facebook; “I have quit the corporate world for writing. Back to being broke but happy”

Will end this post with that thought… I hope to be broke but happy someday.


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  1. This is outrageously tempting. Every single mention is a strong provocation to go broke more sooner than later…

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