Hiya…. weekend blues

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I like Fridays… they bring me hope. Appraisals are done with. I was more nervous being the appraiser than the appraisee. I wish I didn’t have to make decisions about other people’s career but thats the way it is. And taking tough decisions is the worst. Handling a team is the biggest learning. I have definitely improved over the past year but there is a long way to go.

Anyway, I have an important question and would appreciate suggestions:
Nokia E63 Vs Blackberry Curve- which is better?
I am getting a Blackberry Curve and KC suggested I sell off Nokia E63. It was a scary thought… I have always had Nokia. My first phone was Nokia… the first thing I bought with my 1st salary was a Nokia phone. I wonder if I can survive without Nokia.
Like KC remarked; “You did not spend so much time deciding about me”.
Hmm… brand loyalty in this day and age.
Btw, I read Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Can you believe that? I had forgotten to read it. How is that even possible? When I watched the movie the realization that it seemed unfamiliar hit me. NOW I know how Harry Potter series ends. I liked the end… it was fitting, apt and full of suspense.

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