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Hello… sorry I couldn’t blog… Life in Mumbai is always busy… This is what happened on Monday night… we had a party for a superb year opening on Jan 1st and 2nd. The party was for the entire West branch and on the rooftop near Magnet at Bandra. I will keep my views about the party to myself… the best part was that I got to leave early.

I don’t enjoy corporate parties at all and come up with weirdest excuses to leave early. But they are a necessary evil. I still haven’t figured out how they are “necessary”…

On Sunday I met a friend who was my junior in B School… as always we had a good conversation. I miss meeting new and interesting people… there was a lot of scope for that in college.

At night Abhinav and me were talking for an hour on phone before I realized; “Abhinav… it is almost midnight and we are discussing our distributors… we are such losers”
It was a sobering realization… we switched to other topics… but… we knew we would go back to discussing work sooner or later.

Anyway… it is back to my territory now… and the pressure has begun. Almost a year back at Homecoming of B school we were asked what it is like working in FMCG sector. Some gassed about relationships and how important they are… blah.. blah … blah. I told them it is all about pressure… and I stand by it even today. Sure… you have to maintain relationships… but you wont get sales ‘coz that. It is all about pressure. The pressure is created at the top and it trickles down… and we get results… good results.

If you can’t handle pressure… you cannot survive… and yet you have to keep your head… if you don’t get the result.. don’t crucify yourself… it is ok. You will still survive.

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