Hill Fort, Kesroli

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We have been planning an office trip for a few months now. The unanimous choice was Goa but there were a few complications. Since my manager hates travelling long distances and kept raving about this hotel, we decided to go here. Kesroli is 3 hours away from Gurgaon towards Alwar. It is a small village and there is nothing much to do there. You can always go to Alwar and visit the museum and the lake or maybe go to Sariska National Park. Unfortunately I was stuck with unenthusiastic people and all we did was… nothing.


Hill Fort is located on a small hill and offers good views of mustard fields. Their swimming pool overlooks the fields and it is a great place to visit during the summer. The rooms are located in different Mahals- Pitamber, Tota, Loo (not kidding), Neelkanth and even Bulbul. They don’t have TV because the idea is to relax and do nothing. The Neelkanth Mahal has a common area where you can watch TV or play carrom/chess. They also have racquets to play badminton and cycles to explore the countryside.


We arrived on Wednesday night and were up till midnight playing teen patti (I lost 10 bucks only). The next day was the meeting for half day. After lunch we took a camel cart ride for 2-3 hours in the farms. Then it was onto a nice massage in the spa and the day wrapped up with bonfire and drinks followed by dinner. The food was quite good with Rajasthani delicacies in each meal- daal baati churma, papad mangori and rogan josh. The next day we spent the morning playing badminton and cycling in the fields and left for Gurgaon after lunch.


I haven’t done the whole- travel somewhere because of the hotel and do nothing. That is just not me. But for a change of pace, it was nice. I can’t complain about doing nothing on a weekday, right? It is worth a visit.

The room rates start at Rs 3000 onwards, food is expensive and lunch costs 600 bucks/head. Spa charges are decent with full body massage starting at Rs 1800 for an hour.


Now if only people would let me sleep at 10 pm instead of keeping me up till midnight to play antakshari or teen patti. Sigh.

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