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I am back in my territory… back to work. No exceptional updates to be given… work will be as hectic as ever.

There is a tag going around… let me attempt it.

25 random things about me:

1) I keep awake till 12 am to watch Sex and the City… I call KC during breaks to update him on the serial (he hates that)

2) I have converted from a a food junkie to a healthy food freak (Healthy food… and not health food)

3) I weigh myself as often as possible (sometimes everyday) and calculate in grams how much weight I have lost (2-3 kgs in 2 months)… and update KC about it (he gets quite irritated)

4) I am horrible at packing… sometimes I don’t even fold clothes and just stuff them in the bag

5) I am so restless… I can never be lazy and just sleep on holidays… I need to be up and about doing something…

6) I love meeting new people once… the 2nd time depends on how interesting I find them

7) I do get impatient and irritated with little things…

8) I don’t remember the last time I tasted the confectionery I sell

9) I have learned in the last 2 yrs that it does not matter what you sell… condoms, sanitary, confectionery, shampoo etc etc… the product does not matter…

10) I envy housewives who have all the time in the world for themselves… I know I can never quit working… I will go crazy and drive KC crazy

11) I cannot watch bad movies in the theatre… I just walk out midway… thankfully, KC also accompanies me in the walkout

12) All my friends are straight forward with a sense of humor

13) I don’t believe in ass licking… my dignity means more than my ambitions

14) I believe “Love lasts forever”

15) I miss home

16) I dream of a stable job… a loving hubby… a nice ghar… and a super slim me… đŸ™‚

17) I am addicted to ‘Dev D’ songs

18) I hate corporate parties…

19) I drink only cocktails or breezers.. hard liquor is out… I am mortally afraid of hangovers

20) I don’t believe in God or anything vaguely religious

21) I dream of a world where caste… religion… race… gender do not matter…

22) I miss my friends… RT, Sil, Honey, Khushi etc

23) I love swimming, reading, blogging, watching movies, listening to music while traveling, playing badminton

24) I am bored now

25) I like to have things my own way…


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  1. The line “I don’t believe in ass licking… my dignity means more than my ambitions” is so extremely succinct it stares you in the face. Loved it.

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