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I have to answer weird questions from friends/acquaintances when they get to know I am married. They are about kids… “When are you planning to have kids?”. It stops at that when I reply in the negative. Of course, explanations and justifications have to be given and then the other person gets into a discussion about his/her family plans.


I am not writing this ‘coz I do not like kids and never want to have them (topic for another post) but the fact that people equate marriage to kids. I would like to know why. Is it ‘coz that is how we are brought up? Or is it ‘coz our relatives question about kids once married? Or is it ‘coz finally the world acknowledges that a couple is having sex. Sex in the Indian context is related to making kids.
Nobody asked me about kids when I was dating KC (you know what I mean by “dating”). So, why now? I knew KC quite well when when we were married but not all couples are like that. Don’t you need time to adjust to living with someone before having kids? Don’t you need to be stable in your career and finances before making babies?
The strangest part is KC has not been subjected to such inquiries… after all, only the mother can want kids. The father is just an on-looker in the whole process.

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